Special Cargo

Live Animals

Insel Air Cargo for live stock - a home away from home

All animals which we transport via Insel Air must be in accordance with the IATA Live animals regulations latest version

In exception of these regulation we have the following variations:


  • Live fish must be packed with waterproof materials in double. Also bag must contain sufficient oxygen for the duration of the transittime.
  • Wild caught animals will not be accepted for carriage.
  • CITES protected species listed on Appendix I will not be accepted for carriage unless animals are transported to and from qualified zoological gardens, wild parks or animal reception centres
  • Animals intended for scientific purposes and bio-medical research will not be accepted for carriage. Also monkey species, macaca mulata, macaca fascicularis and ceropitheus aethiops will not be accepted for carriage.
  • All reptiles or amphibians will not be accepted for carriage unless animals are transported to and from qualified zoological gardens, wild parks or animal centres.
  • All rodents will not be accepted for carriage unless animals are transported to and from qualified zoological gardens, wild parks or animal centres.
  • Puppies under 10 weeks old will not be accepted for carriage
  • In case of transport of accepted live animals the carrier Insel Air does not accept any responsibility for loss or expenses arising from death of animal(s) due to natural causes or death or injury by the conduct or acts of the animal itself or other animals. Therefore all airwaybills coverings carriage of live animals must be claused as follows:

" No responsibility for injury or sickness or death of animal(s) carried hereunder."

  • Animals can only be transported after written approval of MAS/Insel Air Cargo

Dogs And Cats

Dogs and cats deserve the comfort and attention we give to our passengers. the cargo compartments inside our aircrafts are tempeture controlled and pressurised, ensuring that your pet travels under the best possible climate conditions.

Travelling in comfort

Your pet will make its journey in a compartment of the aircraft wich is well ventilated and has carefully controlled temperature and pressure to provide optimum traveling conditions.

To make sure that the journey itself is as comfortable as it can be for your cat or dog, it will travel in a specially designed 'sky kennel'. These sky kennels are made of plastic with a built-in iron door (plastic doors are not permitted). Door hinges and locking pins must extend beyond the horizontal extrusions above and below the door opening by at least 1.6 cm (5/8 in). Kennels not meeting the IATA requirements as mentioned above will not be accepted for transportation.

You can purchase your kennels at various Petshops.

It is very important that you choose the correct size of kennel. It must be large enough for you pet to stand in and sit straight, to comfortably turn around and to lie down in a natural position. For ultimate protection and the well-being of your pet is essential not to choose a kennel that is too large. the diagram shows the dimensions that you should take into account when selecting a kennel.

A. Measure tip of nose to the root of the dog's tail.
(Do not include the tail).
B. Measure from the ground to the top of the dog's head, with the dog in a standing position.
C. Measure the width across the dog's shoulders.
Dog measurements
Kennel Type Dimensions Weight Volume Weight

A 53x40x38 3 13.50
B 68x51x48 5 28.00
C 81x56x58 8 45.00
D 91x61x66 10 61.50
E 102x69x76 13 89.50

Once more we want to emphasizeit is very important that you correctly measure the dimension of your dog. Our handling staff will check whether you purchased the right size kennel when delivering your dog at the airport. if the kennel is too small the handling agent will not accpet the pet for transportation. if you want to ship your cat you are advised to purchase a type A kennel (see dimensions above in the overview).

Very important information about snub-nosed dogs

For snub-nosed dogs we advise you to purchase a kennel 1 size larger than normally required. This because these dogs are susceptible to increased risk of breathing problems when exposed to stress. Travelling in a larger kennel provides the dogs more oxygon and reduces the risk of breathing problems.

Depending on the regulations of the destinations country, a full-grown cat or dog should travel alone in a kennel. kittens and puppies are an exception and may be allowed to travel together. Note this depends on the regulations of the country of destinations.

Pre-conditions and documentations

The shipper remains responsible for the required documentation and if applicable the necessary arrangements like an import permit or a quarantine reservation at all time. Only cats and dogs of 10 weeks or older are eligible to travel onboard Insel Air flights. Furthermore, your pet requieres specific documentation which must include at least a valid health certificate signed by qualified veterinarian, and valid rabies inoculation certificate.

Article A.B. 2007 no.89
As of 1 February 2008 is the article A.B. 2007 no.89 (it is prohibited for the owner or holder of Pitbulls, to sell, breed or to have them in any manner available) effective.

The effectiveness of this law ?dangerous dogs? (A.B. 2007 no.89) has a direct effect on importing of Pitbulls. Owners and holders of Pitbulls are criminally responsible, when they are found with a Pitbull on the airport's premises or on the local street.

If a passenger is found at the airport with a pitbull after the effectiveness of this law,the customs authorities on the spot willinform the local police. The police will take the necessary measure, amongst other seizure of the dog.



The manner in which chilled and frozen food is transported has an important impact on the public health. Insel Air exersises the utmost care to ensure that packages are properly shipped. We implement special import and export procedures to expedite the clearance of perishable shipments and delivery to the market.

With the addition of the MD-83 aircraft onto the Insel Air fleet we are now capable of moving perishable cargo within the region at affordable and competetive rates . The mayor players within the stations we serve is the Dominican Republic with a variety of vegatables and fresh flowers. Out of Suriname we also move mainly vegetables and dry shrimp as out of Haiti we have a huge mangoe traffic going into St.Maarten.

Human Remains

The transportation of human remains asks for a reliable and well-planned transport logistic from airport to airport. Discretion, piety and well-trained staff as well as an optimally functioning handling infrastructure are key elements for a smooth repatriation of the deceased.

Hazardous Material

The air transportation of certain commodities such as flammable, corrosive, toxic or radioactive substances are subject to strict rules and regulations. In the interest of safe flight operations, our specialized and qualified Hazardous Material team is available to give advice.