St. Martin (SXM)

Airport : Princess Juliana International Airport
Latitude: 18.02'27"N
Longitude: 63.06'32"W
Runways: 1
Longest: 7708×´8ft (2349×2m

Saint Martin (Dutch: Sint Maarten; French: Saint-Martin) is a tropical island in the northeast Caribbean, approximately 240 km (150 miles) east of Puerto Rico. The 87 square kilometer island is divided roughly in half between France and the Netherlands; it is the smallest inhabited sea island divided between two nations. The southern Dutch half comprises the Eilandgebied Sint Maarten (Island area of Saint Martin) and is part of the Netherlands Antilles. The northern French half comprises the Collectivite de Saint-Martin (Collectivity of Saint Martin) and is a dependency of France. Collectively, the two territories are known as St.-Martin/St. Maarten. Sometimes SXM, the IATA identifier for Princess Juliana International Airport (the islands main airport), is used to refer to the island. Neither of the two halves of Saint Martin have separate FIPS PUB 10-4 territory codes or ISO 3166-1 codes; they are coded as GP (Guadeloupe) and NA (Netherlands Antilles). Since the status of the French side changed to a overseas collectivity in 2007 and the status of the Dutch side is due to change to a country within the kingdom of the Netherlands in 2008, it is very well possible that both halves of Saint Martin will have a territory code of their own in the near future.

The airport is named after Queen Juliana of the Netherlands. The airport serves as a hub for Windwards Islands Airways and is the major gateway for the smaller Leeward Island, including Anguilla, Saba, St. Bartelemyand St. Eustatius. A new, more modern terminal opened on November 10th, 2006. To ensure complaince with national and international regulation a runway end safety area is being created at both sides of the runway of 150 meters including a 60 meter overrun.

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