Shipping your cargo onboard Insel Air out of the USA

Insel Air offers to its customers the possibility to ship their cargo from the US onto any destination within the Insel Air network. For most shipments, anyone wishing to tender cargo to Insel Air in the United States must meet the requirements listed below meaning that you must become a known shipper. These requirements are regulated by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). For more information on these regulations, please visit the TSA website.

Known Shipper

A Known Shipper is an individual or entity wishing to tender their own goods for air transportation on a passenger air carrier that has gone through an approval process mandated by the TSA.

If you are not already a Known Shipper, please fill out the Known Shipper Request form.

This form is required to start the process of becoming a known shipper with Insel Air. We will verify your information through the TSA database. For customers where we need to perform a site visit, there will be an initial site visit and recurrent site visits are required as well in order to remain on the known shipper list.

Should you require more information concerning the regulations and procedures to register with the TSA, we suggest you to visit the TSA website.